Kinesitherapy - Fascia Therapy - HORSE bodyforming®

Alexandra Fleck

Like all athletes, horses too have the need for physiotherapy.
The objective of these manipulations and holistic training by Alexandra are to balance the animal, improve its physical condition (attitude, posture and performance) especially after a traumatic incident.

Who is Cheval en forme for?

For all horses from foal to senior, leisure- or sports horses and horses in recovery.

The cavalry, which leads the horse through the mandible, thus balances the hyoid bone and the muscles of the neck. This improves blood supply and results in a better mental state.

The belt gives impulses to activate the spinal and dorsal chain. The horse regulates  the pressure of the plate by the muscular contraction of its abs. The result is a strengthening of the movement muscles and stabilization.

Problèmes autour de la selle et de la bride, troubles de la cadence, manque d’activité des postérieurs, problème articulaire, boiterie inexplicable, mécontentement mental, paresse, indolence, comportement peureux ou imprévisible, “headshaking”, traumatisme, problèmes ovariens chez les juments.

Experience & Know-how

Graduated at renowned establishments in Germany and Austria, Alexandra obtained all official diplomas allowing her to treat horses in a correct professional manner.

Her training as a HORSE bodyforming® instructor allows her fundamental expertise in fascia therapy and its numerous recognized benefits.

Since June 2020, Alexandra is a student and auditor at the Instructor training of the « Ecole de Légèreté« .


Alexandra takes care of my two dressage mares (Die Bavaria 10 years old and Queen de Jupiter 7 years old) They are two mares with a very bloody temperament and with a rather tense musculature. Alexandra's work is doing them a lot of good and helps them relax both physically and mentally. Alexandra's work has a real benefit for the work of my horses.
Haras de Jupiter, Chantal Klimmer
Stable of owner and promoter of Sport horses from basic training up to high level between Montpellier and Nîmes
Since mid-May, deeply into the fascia work for my two horses and myself. Remarkable effects on posture, top line, mobility and mind ... Good in his body, good in his head. Many thanks to Alexandra Fleck, equine physiotherapist and CHEVAL EN FORME fascia therapist for her expertise. I am training and bought the equipment to be able to do the sessions myself. I will continue this work all summer, then there will be regular maintenance to keep all the benefits ...
Anette Francois
Alexandra is a talented and sensitive healer, with a huge heart and endless curiosity. For the time that I have known her, I have been touched by her work and her thoughts. I recommend her with greatly!
Pippa Callanan
School of Lightness
My 16 year old half Arabian mare was diagnosed with kissing spine syndrome in two areas. Thanks to Alexandra’s professional perceptive and caring therapy with and on the horse, my mare improved physically and mentally. I can ride her again and she is much more connected and motivated. Thank you Alexandra for your extraordinary commitment and patience!
Christelle Forman
Here is a trumpet, a thoroughbred English mare. She is a very lively and sensitive mare. Alexandra takes care of it with her program. And the results are there, a relaxed, attentive and much calmer mare than before. I highly recommend its benefits. 😊
Pauline Muller
Alexandra works our club horses when a problem appears .... There is always a marked improvement in locomotion as well as an increase in relaxation at work 👍
Maruejols Equestrian Estate
Joker had the privilege of discovering the fascia massages by Alexandra. A lot of muscle tension is reduced with this therapy. Alexandra is also a professional that I strongly recommend.
Claire Camerini
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